Velux Loft Window Types

One of the best things about Velux loft conversions is the wide variety of looks that you can achieve, even when working within the constrains posed by permitted developments and not making any changes to the roofline.

Centre-Pivot and Top-Hung Windows

Standard Velux windows can have a centre-pivot (where they hinge on the centre), or they can be top-hung (where you open the window by pushing the bottom of it outwards. Top hung windows should only be used where the window is within easy reach, otherwise both the brand and we recommend a centre-pivot.

Top hung windows are slightly more expensive, but if you have a low ceiling it is well worth the investment since the the top of the pane enters the room when centre-pivot windows are open, which can cause a hazard.

Integra Windows

Velux also offer a range of remote-controlled windows, which are opened and closed via a control pad. That same pad can open or close blinds, awnings, and shutter rollers. Eco-conscious converters often opt for the solar powered version to cut down on the amount of power used on a day to day basis.

These are also an excellent choice if you would like additional peace of mind. For example, the window has sensors that close automatically when it rains, so you don’t risk a soaked carpet and furniture if you’ve forgotten about it. You can also keep the room comfortable with sun screening, or set the windows/blinds to open at a particular time to use daylight and fresh air as your alarm clock.

Energy-Saving Windows

The brand offers a range of windows that help you to keep the room comfortable and to save energy. These options include triple-glazed windows to keep the heat in, and software in the Integra range to activate blinds or shutters based on location and season to provide additional insulation against the cold.

As temperatures rise in summer, loft conversion owners often struggle to keep the conversion cool (especially as heat rises from the rest of the house). You can use black out blinds and reflective blinds to prevent sunlight from overheating the room, and reduce your reliance on fans or air conditioning.